• Sam Hammer
    Sam Hammer's surfing and wave knowledge makes him one of the best watermen to come from the east coast. As a professional surfer for 13 yrs, Sam has surfed all over the globe surfing the full range of waves and conditions, scoring numerous magazine covers, and winning many professional contests- including the ESPN X-Games. As head instructor at Summer Fun Surf Camp in San Clemente, California for 4 years, Sam knows how to convert his personal experience into lessons for every skill level. You are in good hands with Sam!
  • Curran Fallon
    For the past 8 years Curran has been a high school teacher of foreign language, coach for soccer and basketball during the school year and a surf instructor in the town of Spring Lake during the summer. He is a proud father of three children and loves spending time on the beach and in the ocean with his family. Curran enjoys sharing his passion for surfing through his experiences growing up on the Jersey coast and traveling abroad. Curran's surf instruction is informative and a ton of fun.
  • Dot Bugbee
    Dot Bugbee is from Lavallette, NJ, and has been living in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica for nearly five years, surfing, teaching surf lessons, traveling, training, and competing. Dot has been returning to New Jersey for the summers to teach and spread the joys of surfing everywhere she goes. She has over 10 years experience in teaching surf lessons and water safety nationally and internationally. Dot will get you surfing no matter what your age/level is!!!!!
  • Christina Jarosinski
    A native to Lavallette, Christina has grown up surfing on the Jersey Shore. While attending college she was a surf instructor and competed on the University of San Diego's surf team. Christina has been with Sam Hammer Surf Camp since its inception. A teacher during the school year, she enjoys teaching in a different arena throughout the summer. She loves sharing her knowledge of the ocean and enjoys providing techniques that are guaranteed to make anyone successful. Her love for surfing and respect for the ocean is contagious and she is looking forward to spreading it to others!
  • Lee Oliver
    Lee has spent most of his life teaching and coaching sports around the world. His natural love for teaching, traveling, and surfing is infectious. His high energy attitude and undying love for surfing is apparent from the moment you meet Lee. His favorite surf spot is Bali, Indonesia but he has a soft spot for Mal Pais, Costa Rica because he's been there a few times. Lee, a Surfrider Foundation member, has a deep level of respect for the ocean and hopes to provide every student with a basic skill set, which will help prepare them to become independent surfers...
  • Brian Robinson
    Hailing from the tee rocks of Jenkingson's inlet, Brian has been pursuing his passion to surf and travel this past ten years. He is self taught with over ten years of national and international surfing experience, and has been subconciously spreading his stoke on surf the whole time. A proven great teacher of surf, Brian has more then enough abililty and technique to have you surfing and having fun in a blink of and eye.
  • Chris Ryan
    Chris has been around the ocean his whole life and has been teaching surf camp for 4 years. He has a passion for the sport, and loves seeing how happy it makes people the first time they catch and stand up on a wave. He will work hard to get you surfing in no time and will make sure you have a fun time doing it!
  • Brendan Prindiville
    Jousting from Wall, NJ and goes by Brunden from those who know him. He is a local NJ surfer native to Spring Lake beach. Brendan is currently involved in the Eastern Surf Association circuit. Brendan's allegiance to having a boisterous time at camp while keeping a professional out look is what makes him such an enjoyable staff member. The only way Brendan will be appeased during camp is if his campers are gratified.